Racing is our passion.
We are a group of friends that have known each other for such a long time.
We have covered all racing platforms and have been part of a few teams but we decided that it’s time to create something unique.
Simracing is every bit competitive as real racing, it’s our aim to drive Simracing into sports arenas.

We are not a professional team but we approach other teams with respect and a professional attitude.

Why Probatum Racing?

At this moment, maybe you´re asking what Probatum means. Well, it has a meaning. As you may have noticed, we´re portuguese and the word Probatum comes from Manifestis Probatum, which is the official document where Pope Alexander III officially recognised Afonso Henriques as the first King of Portugal. So this is the way we found to represent our country int the world of sim racing.

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Sim Design Lab takes care of visual identity for drivers, teams, unique events or even championships, so all drivers can focus on driving.


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Ayrton Senna

“And suddenly I realized that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension.”